Your Startup Should Have A Blog. Here’s Why

As a vehicle for empowerment, the Internet has no equal. Perhaps one area the Internet has fundamentally revolutionized is entrepreneurship. It’s never been easier to quit your soul-crushing 9 to 5 and launch your own startup.

Indeed, all you need is a great idea, some technical aptitude, and you can launch your very own small business. Traditionally, businesses cobbled together a multitude of skill sets, stretching from engineering prowess, all the way to business aptitude and marketing acumen.

And yet, a significant proportion of tech startups are launched by people who know a lot about software development, but don’t really know much about marketing the products they create.

Furthermore, most startups operate on wafer-thin budgets. Hiring a traditional PR team is incredibly expensive. Likewise, launching a successful marketing campaign can be a massive money-suck.

Which is why blogging is such a powerful force for startups. Blogging is a way for you to express a message, and do it cheaply. Not convinced? Here are some more compelling reasons why your startup cannot live without a blog.